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House Show Knowhow

House concerts are special events that bring people together under one roof to connect with one another over songs and stories.

Booking them requires skill, time, and communication. It’s worth the effort when you’re putting together a meaningful evening with a roomful of people who care about your work.

You already have a few people who would be willing to host you if they knew what to expect and where to begin.

Host and Artist enables you as a working singer-songwriter to perform house concerts for those who care enough to support your work.

We guide artists through a step-by-step process for offering house shows to your existing and expanding network.

Using our platform, you can communicate with hosts, manage details and expectations, and make sure the show (or your whole tour) is a success.

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Host and Artist lets you know everything that needs to be done to set up the show, make an agreement with your host, and be paid for your work.

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