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Host and Artist is a house concert community.

We exist to encourage meaningful moments of truth, goodness, and beauty through house concerts.

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House concerts are intimate shows that bring people together under one roof to connect around the beauty that music conveys in our lives.

In the home of a fellow listener, we get to know one of our favorite artists as they share stories and songs.

We become a supporting part of the singer-songwriter's work in a meaningful way and encourage the creation of more great music.


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Host and Artist makes it simple for you to host a concert in your home and become an important part of your favorite singer-songwriter's success.

We provide you with best practices from seasoned hosts in a simple, organized method for setting up the show.

Using our platform, you can talk with the artist, arrange all the details in advance, and make the evening a remarkable experience for everyone.


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Host and Artist enables you as a working singer-songwriter to perform house concerts for those who care enough to support your work.

We guide artists through a step-by-step process for offering house shows to your existing and expanding network.

Using our platform, you can communicate with hosts, manage details and expectations, and make sure the show (or your whole tour) is a success.