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Hi, my name is Daniel Christian. I’m a songwriter from Nebraska. I play concerts pretty much anywhere, and I’d love to come play for you, too. House shows provide a great atmosphere for sharing songs and stories. So do churches, backyards, dorm rooms, whatever! I’ve performed in some pretty unusual settings, including Whole Foods, Bass Pro Shop, and The Gap. Once, I played for a crowd of over 100,000 people! I have also played for empty rooms. (Most audiences are somewhere in between.)

For a few years, I was a high school English teacher. I’ve recorded several albums in Nebraska and Nashville. The most notable credits in my bio are thanks to the kindness and generosity of others, like playing Bluebird Cafe & SXSW, or opening for Kenny Rogers in a baseball stadium, or singing “Amazing Grace” with Selah, or winning a country music contest with a drum solo. I am routinely amazed and delighted that people keep listening to the songs I write. Thank you for this privilege!

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