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Music has always been a big part of my life. My twin sister and I were singing in harmony before we were 3, and we were always in the choir or singing at church. We joined the youth worship team in middle school, and that ignited my love for worship that would continue to flame throughout my life. I began my music degree at BIOLA University in Southern California as a Vocal Performance major, but quickly switched my major when I found out they had just formed a Music in Worship program. It wasn’t until after I graduated, got married, and started having children did I really begin to take an interest in songwriting and learning the guitar so I could write. What better time than after you have children, right?

Though I don’t have a big music career, I enjoy leading worship at my church and helping with worship for small women’s events and retreats. I’ve even performed at a rally raising awareness to human trafficking.

The music I write connects the truthful realities, and sometimes difficult moments of walking in the faith as a believer in Christ. There are seasons of highs and lows, nearness and distance, sorrow and joy, and times of needed repentance. I like to create a real and comfortable worship environment that connects old styles to new like molding hymns with newer sounds. I’d like to think my music and the way I lead worship is really comfortable for people of all ages, and of many different worship styles. My ultimate goal is to direct people to the feet of Jesus. If that’s all my music does in my life and career, then I’d consider that success.

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