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Soul-R Fusion brings unparalleled depth and creativity to the blues-folk music genre. With Tim Koehler on acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals, and Alex Goodell on fretless bass guitar, the duo have reimagined the 'singer-songwriter' paradigm. Both highly skilled and experienced musicians, they met and started collaborating in 2015. They blend diverse musical influences to create their own sound that has evolved from their unique combination of melodic, otherworldly fretless basslines, rhythmic acoustic guitar, and Tim’s soulful voice bringing to life heartfelt lyrics.

The duo is based in Wilmington N.C., and while they may play an occasional ‘cover tune’ in their own style, they are focused on songwriting and performing their original songs. Their music radiates positive energy, and fans know a Soul-R Fusion show is not only a good time, but an energizing musical journey.

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