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Katleen Dugas is a French-American artist with a voice that spans genres from jazz to pop to opera. Katleen’s music and voice can be found on TV shows such as the Young and the Restless and Bravo's "Real Girlfriends of Paris".

Katleen was raised bilingually, growing up in San Diego and spending summers with family in France. She loved listening to and singing American musical staples such as rock, jazz, and gospel, all the while soaking in the French classics from the likes of icons such as Édith Piaf and Claude François. As such, her eclectic vocal abilities are imbued with the unmistakable French character that has been imparted to her by her paternal heritage. This unique blend of musical influences combined with her wide vocal range captivates audiences whether she is singing delicate, lilting melodies, or empowering pop songs.

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