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He came from Toronto; she, from Seattle. Both had music in their blood, instruments in their hands, and a mind to create. The mountains led him to the west; a star led her to the north.
In Vancouver they met and schooled—studying music and life. They found promise. They found love.

The couple formed Handsome and Gretyl and released their debut EP, Hold On Tight Love in 2011, followed by a Christmas EP, Wonder in 2012 and their first full-length, Miles and Miles in 2013. Throughout 2015, they crafted a new vision called TWELVE — an album that was created by writing, recording, and releasing one song at a time, one song for each month of the year. Until, finally, on December 12, 2015, the album was complete and the entire album was launched.

In 2016, Handsome and Gretyl hit the road to tour, playing in homes, coffee shops, and venues all across the country and Canada. These days, they’re dreaming up a new collection of EPs and singles to be released throughout the coming years.

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