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Listen to Vi. Touch And Go

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, Peter draws inspiration from lyrical legends such as James Taylor, Mark Knopfler, and Rich Mullins. Musically, Peter is experimental, daring to toe the lines separating different genres in order to bring his favorite sounds together. He enjoys Norwegian artist, Jarle Bernhoft, as well as Irish folk group, The High Kings.

From Scrabble with his Grandmother to language study and creative writing in college, Peter has discovered an abiding love for words.

“With them we write our songs, draft our legal documents, make our vows, and compose our very thoughts. By loving and learning words, we can expand our horizons; by remaining indifferent to them, or by following verbal fads, we do nothing less than proactively contribute to the confinement of our imaginations.”

Peter’s musical projects will continue to reflect his desire to learn from the great writers who have gone before, to fuse genres and sounds.

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