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Ella Mine divines and names depths of the human experience that often go unnamed, creating a hospitable space where the listener might untangle the mystery of their own emotions. Her 2020 debut record, a concept album titled Dream War, weaves a surreal and otherworldly tapestry of poetic melodies and storytelling, sifting the ruins of devastating personal experience for shimmering gems of hope.

Together, the songs of Dream War ask, “How are we to dream, hope, and love again after our first dreams have been crushed, our first hopes dashed, and our first loves ravaged?” Ella Mine raises these questions with dexterity, poise, and an ambition born of courage.

“Dream War is a journey through the terror-filled landscapes of devastating human experiences,” Ella explains. “It’s a search for evidences of a rooted and unshakeable beauty buried there. Novelist Frederick Buechner wrote ‘Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.’ My hope for you as a listener is that you’ll walk with me through the wreckage of your own dark experiences, focusing on the source of your courage and keeping your eyes open wide to the burning light of the fire you tend.”

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