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Jason Lee McKinney Band

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Jason Lee McKinney Band


Life-affirming music, songs, and musicians with the power to lift souls into the heavens always manage to arrive when we need them most. Call these mini-sermons of healing delivered by prophets with microphones, guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards. They are sonic balms that energize just as they soothe.

Award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician Jason Lee McKinney has spent more than a decade cementing a name for himself and his band, The Jason Lee McKinney Band, in the competitive world of modern-day roots music.

In its vibrant lifespan, the band has merited a 3 top 10 albums on the Roots Rock charts, a collection of national and international tours, a number of industry awards, and worldwide recognition including a Josie Music Award for Male R&B Vocalist of the Year in 2019 and R&B/Soul Entertainer of the year in 2021, and an Independent Country Music Association award for Artist of the Year in 2014.

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