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Rob Smith is a worship leader, singer/songwriter, and maker from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He pulls inspiration from a number of different artistic streams in his woodsy, worshipful expression of songs to and about his Maker. It is his hope that his blend of indie worship, singer/songwriter, and rock sonic fingerprints birthed from a place of prayer, creates space that helps others gain new language for and to explore the mysteries and heart of God. His artistic vision is to marry together the conversations that happen with God on a Sunday morning with the deep conversations that happen around a bonfire with friends in the late hours of the night.

His first album and first ever recorded release is titled “Holy Noise” (2023). It is a self-recorded and produced offering of worship that also explores a plethora of human experiences such as loss, existential questions and observations, joy, love, worship, and parenthood through the lens of faith.

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